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Клуб соотечественников в Бодруме.
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Kafedaki is oasis of perfect taste and harmony
There is a place in our beautiful world,a place that is a quintesence of high standart quality,harmony,amazingly tasty foof and hospitability.
A gentleman who created this oasis of style and gorgeous cuisine on one of bodrum hills,made a great gift for people to enjoy the taste of life!

Beautifully and professionally made food will surprise you with a variety of dishes,attractive presentation and perfect taste,
after having just one piece you will agree you've done a right choice coming here!

The feeling of a special warmth and respectful attitude surrounds you while you are there,enjoing the dancing fire appearing from a fireplace,that makes you feel good even during cold and rainy winter!

You are special and miracle -makers of Kafedaki are always happy and greatful to see you there.

Oh,what a view is openning from therir marvellous terrasse!All the beauty of the sea landscape,snow-white houses of Bodrum and sparkling sunset will keep you inspired up to the end of your life!

Everything here in Kafedaki is just to make your life more valuable,beautiful and pleasurable!

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